IMPROVISE AND ORGANIZE is a mobile art initiative. Founded in 2017 by several individuals from different nationalities and professional backgrounds. It arose from the passion, conviction, dedication to encourage mobility of art in various spaces.

Very good possibilities under this title. Creativity: “spell” and “to spell”: pré-frontal area at work? Yes. But so many others. We can explore “Improvise and organize“, because only together they allow us to arrive to the best questions. And good questions are the way to a solution … and other questions. A good life, I think.

Rosa Alice Branco (Portuguese writer)

A big fan of yours

“O que me impressionou foi que o público estava lá – artistas mais jovens e pessoas que não eram oficialmente parte do mundo da arte, ficavam intrigadas ao passar. As intervenções, tinham um público humano real.”
Publico local, Aveiro, sala de eSTAR project

“What struck me was that the audience was there – younger artists and people who were not officially part of the art world, were intrigued as they passed by. The interventions had a real human audience. “
Local audience, Aveiro sala de eSTAR project


A big fan of yours